Our Commitment

We have partnered with One Tree Planted because we believe in the ethical accountability of businesses, regardless of their scale. With each candle sold, SoulFire Candle Company will initiate the planting of a tree. Even though we are a small business now, our aim is to establish a strong foundation from the outset. This intention propels our current emphasis on reducing our ecological impact, ensuring that our growth trajectory remains firmly aligned with responsible and sustainable practices.

The candle Industry contributes its fair share to deforestation and Co2 emissions globally. With the industry forecasted to exceed $10 billion by the year 2030, the need to direct both makers and consumers in a more sustainable direction is imperative. While educating consumers certainly represents a positive step forward, it's the tangible and immediate direct actions that hold even greater significance.

One Tree Planted

Visit One Tree Planted to discover more about the amazing work they do, or to make a contribution. You can even gift trees to family and friends!